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The Assin Endwa Trust UK  is a registered charity, No: 1087136


Unless you have ever lived with having to carry all the water that you use at least one kilometre you will have no idea what a massive difference this particular project has made to those affected. Imagine, you are fourteen or fifteen years of age and have to carry around twenty kilos of water around one kilometre on top of your head two or three times a day, every day! Probably until you are around forty years of age.


Our first building project, was opened in 2002  and was aimed at helping improve the general health of villagers. Before this, the only alternative to just heading off in to the “Bush” to relieve oneself was a rather horrible deep pit latrine.

The KVIP or Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit was designed to be far less smelly and much more hygienic than existing  latrines. The materials were supplied by the Trust, labour was supplied by volunteers from the village and members of Ghana’s National Service Scheme supplied specialist labour and building expertise.

Village/District Clinic.

Opened in 2007, our clinic provides primary health care to the village and surrounding districts. It took three years to build and is now an essential part of the district authorities health care plan. Nursing staff provide inoculations/ vaccinations, treatment for minor injuries, pre/post natal care and all the other services that a good health care team cover.

A doctor visits the clinic regularly to hold a surgery for those with more serious conditions and if necessary refer them to the District Hospital in Assin Fosso.

Village & Clinic Water Supply.

Our clinic was built at the Northern end of Endwa village, where unfortunately there was no existing water supply. The village had a borehole drilled by Water Aid which was in the more heavily populated southern end. Unfortunately it was impractical to pipe a supply from there, around one kilometre to the other end of the village.

The clinic was built with integrated plumbing and waste system even though it did not have a water supply upon completion. The next stage was always planned to be a borehole and distribution system for the north end of the village.

A borehole was drilled using the District Authority rig and the pipe work and the pump system installation carried out by local volunteers, with commercial involvement kept to a minimum.  

A local distribution system was built to move water from the high point at the clinic, downhill, closer to the houses of villagers at the north end of the village.

Our current project for 2017 is to build accommodation for the clinic’s permanent nursing staff, at the moment they are crammed into one room designed for occasional use as a bedroom for visiting staff and into a consulting room. This situation is very unsatisfactory and we aim to build three small units for the staff, enabling the clinic to be used to its full potential.

A Sod Cutting Ceremony for this new project was held on December 28th 2016 and hopefully we may be able to finish these units in 2017 with help from our summer volunteer group.

If you would like to help fund this or our education projects, please follow the link below to donate much needed money to the Trust. Bear in mind that we are an all volunteer organisation with a maximum budget for administration of 10% of our income (usually nearer 2%). Every other penny is used for projects of one kind or another.