Two Nations - One Trust.
The Assin Endwa Trust UK  is a registered charity, No: 1087136


It started in May 1999 when a young British volunteer - Kathryn Prosser was “Enstooled” as the “Development Queen-Mother “ of a small settlement in the Central Region of Ghana called Assin Endwa.

Kathryn had been working on projects allied to the tourist industry in Ghana when she attracted the attention of the Chief of Endwa, Nana Ntiomah for her analysis of the tourist potential of the Assin area. Although not particularly favourable, the report did highlight some potential areas worth cultivating for tourism. Kathryn was invited to help with some other work in the village, including teaching in the local schools where she struggled with the inadequate equipment and poor facilities.

She was approached by Nana Ntiomah, who after consultation with the village elders,  the head of the Royal Family and the District Chief Executive, requested that she assume the role of Development Queen - Mother to help publicise Endwa and attract some foreign interest and possibly aid.

At the Enstoolment a joint Trust was proposed between Ghana and the UK where like minded people in both countries could help develop Endwa in a manner that would benefit the people of the village without destroying their culture.

U.K. Trustees 2015.

From left to right:

Geoffrey Myddleton-Evans. Former Chairman

Jonathan Fozard. Current Chairman.

Graham Prosser. Volunteer Co-ordinator & Secretary.

Joan Newton. Treasurer.

David Gevaux. Child Sponsorship Director.

Kathryn Prosser.  Trustee.

Ghana Trustees 2015

From left to right:

Front Row:

Nana Konagye Ampaw. Chief of Assin Endwa.

Nana Hemaa Afrimoa. Queen Mother of Assin Endwa.

Back row:

Stephen Akomaning. Secretary.

John Korsah. Chairman.

John K. Mensah. Projects Officer.

Margaret Adjapong. Health Officer.

Armah Aziz. CoOrdinator.

Asare Anyimadu. Treasurer.

Eric Osei. Assemblyman.