Two Nations - One Trust.
The Assin Endwa Trust UK  is a registered charity, No: 1087136


Places available for this year!
Join us for a great experience!
If you would like to join us in Ghana next year please contact us as early as possible. The earlier you book up the less likely you are to be disappointed! We are also able to cater for those who can only manage two weeks due to holiday limitations, please contact us for further information. Current costs may be found here.

You need to plan your participation in the scheme well in advance, this is not the type of holiday that you can book at the last minute. Four months in advance is the absolute minimum. Raising sponsorship, getting injections, etc all take time and you will be surprised how you never seem to have enough of it to get everything done.

We are very willing to help you travel as part of a volunteer group at other times of the year than summer but you will need a minimum of four to keep the cost of the weekend breaks down. If you wish to go alone or as a couple we can also help with this, but the weekend breaks would have to be priced accordingly.

If you would like to undertake a more traditional , longer term volunteer programme, that doesn't cost a fortune, then please contact us, as with our extensive contacts in Ghana we can help with placements in various establishments. However our prime role is to help the Village of Endwa so funds raised would be used for that purpose.

Meetings: Usually orientation meeting for volunteers are held in Chelmsford . This is the opportunity for volunteers to get to meet others in their group and finalise their plans for the holiday.

Costs (for 2017)

We have purposely kept the cost as low as possible and hopefully easy to understand!

You pay £500.00 through the Trust as a deposit, which covers:

1. All major journeys within the country.

2. All excursions and accommodation which includes 2 nights at both Anamabu Beach Resort and Paradise       Resort in Busumtwe.

3. All food and housekeeping expenses whilst in the village

Not covered is:

1. *Flight (about £695-00).

2. Food for week end breaks & in Accra (about £60).

3. *Ghanaian Visa (£60 for 2017).

4. Travel Insurance (between£50-00 and £100-00)

5. *All vaccinations and anti malaria tablets (about £150-00).

* Please see note below.

You will also need to raise a minimum of £350 from sponsors or fund raising events to support your work with the charity.

*If you raise between £350 and  £1300 this may be used to help finance your flight costs and other special expenses involved in taking part in the project.