Two Nations - One Trust.
The Assin Endwa Trust UK  is a registered charity, No: 1087136


From July 2013 we have been  in the unusual but very satisfying position of having no new children who need direct educational sponsorship!

We would like to thank the large number of generous people who have helped us to reach this point and are still helping by sponsoring "their" child up to the age of sixteen. We have around 40 children with sponsors at the moment, some of whom  the Trust subsidised as their sponsors could not carry on. Now all of the children under 16 years are sponsored by members of the public, the Trust is working to sponsor exceptional students through High School or college.

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Our Sponsorship Director David Gevaux with Mama Yeboah and some of the children in her care, seen here in 2008. Many have gone on to complete their basic education, with Francisca (rear centre) obtaining a Business School Diploma in 2014.

David Gevaux says “Our mission has been to help those children who would never otherwise have had a chance of education. We give them a helping hand by covering the cost of tuition, providing shoes and a school uniform,and a breakfast at the start of each school day.

With the tireless work of my friend and counterpart in Ghana Armah Aziz,we are giving these youngsters the chance of a brighter future for themselves and their families.”

For more than fifteen years the Assin Endwa Trust has been helping destitute boys and girls in Ghana to access full-time education. Through our Child Sponsorship Scheme donors have transformed the lives of countless children and young people who would not otherwise have been given the opportunity of a well-grounded education. We also think having fun is a necessary part of growing up and have encouraged the formation of both boys and girls soccer teams.

Many of our more gifted students, upon graduation from Junior High School, have been offered scholarships by the Trust to study for a further three years at either Senior High, Catering School or Business College. More than a dozen have been enrolled so far and we are eagerly monitoring their progress.

We are delighted with the results being achieved by all of our children and we are currently working to help one particular high achiever to go to University.

Below are just some of the children helped by the Trust.