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The Assin Endwa Trust UK  is a registered charity, No: 1087136


What we do


Our first project, started in 2001, was the building of a K.V.I.P  (latrine block) for the village. Since then we have built a  clinic and had a borehole drilled and a pump installed to supply clean water to the clinic and the North end of the village.  Our current project is to build accommodation for the nursing staff at the clinic.
We also provide volunteer opportunities for Health professionals from the U.K.  to assist in the local district hospital or at our clinic.   
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This is the most important area of our influence, but it can be very difficult to make truly worthwhile changes. The village is primarily supported by slightly better than subsistence farmers and the whole family is often needed to work on the family plot making it extremely difficult to make a rapid change in levels of overall education.  

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"Nothing could have prepared us for the overwhelming welcome they gave us as we entered the village, complete with music, dancing, tribal ceremony and drumming.

The whole village and more were there and we all sat in seats of honour at the front. It was an amazing spectacle. You had to keep reminding yourself you weren't on a film set."

Clare Roche - Volunteer.

Mossie Nets

Mosquito Net Appeal

Every year there is an opportunity for volunteers to undertake a three week working holiday, combining worthwhile project work with weekend breaks in some of the best holiday spots in Ghana.
We can also offer longer term placements for those who wish for a more traditional volunteering experience.

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